Coin Collection Ideas & Themes

Apart from the Roosevelt Dime example above, there are many types of coin collecting ideas that can get one started. This is the beauty of what makes collecting coins interesting and unique, ranging from thousands of possible combinations and subjects to base a collection on. Below are a few ideas for the beginner collector:

Year Collections – Probably the most common coin collecting theme is to collect by Year. This can be done in several ways: collect every coin for a specific country for a given year, like your birthday or when man first walked on the moon 1969. Or collect all years of 1 type of coin such as all Roosevelt Dimes from 1946 to the present.

Country Collections – Another popular theme is to collect by country, usually the country in which you live. You can also try to get a wide variety of coins from all over the world. This is a hit with little kids.

Mint Marks – Usually an extension of collecting by year, holding the same coin and year with different mint marks is also a common way to put together a collection.

Time Period Collection – History buffs will find this way attractive by collecting coins during a certain time period with historical significance. Say your fascinated with World War I, you could collect all US/Country coins involved in the war from 1914 – 1918. Or when Abraham Lincoln was president from 1860 – 1865.

Series & Type Set – A series is a collection of coins for a given period such as all Roosevelt Dimes. You would need to collect not only the years but also the different mint marks. A type set is a collection of coins for each major design for a given denomination such as all the types of nickels, such as the Shield Nickel, Liberty Head Nickel, Buffalo Nickel, and the Jefferson Nickel.

Error Coins – Another popular idea is to focus on error coins for a denomination or type. Broad strikes, double strikes, and off-center strikes are some typical error coins.

World Coins – Outside the US, foreign coins are another fascinating approach to coin collecting. Bi-metallic coins, coins with holes, different languages etc… are all ways to collect foreign and world coins.

Ancient Coins – Coins that are really really old! Ancient coins are another unique way to collect a piece of history. Before machinery and being struck, coins had to be made individually or hand poured. Greek and Roman coins are particularly popular for the ancient coin collector.

Composition Coins – Some people like to focus just on the composition or metals of the coins. Gold, silver, copper, platinum are all popular metals for collectors. I’m a big fan of silver coins, particularly silver dollars.


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